State of SEO in 2017-18

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In the always changing landscape of online marketing and SEO, you can’t help but wonder which way Google is heading with their algorithm changes, of which there has been a few this year!

So let’s look at it from a broad angle and try to figure out what the future holds for SEO:

1. More focus on Content

Google loves content more than ever. So if you have a website without much content or do not have a blog, you should consider it. Because Google is encouraging people more and more to have more content broadcasting on their websites. Search engine optimization has been moving more towards engagement and traffic quality rather than just the power of links. Check out our SEO specialists section for more in-depth information about the current state of affairs in SEO.

2. Quality of Traffic

Google has always loved links. But another thing that we now know they are looking at very much is the flow of traffic coming to your website. This makes perfect sense, because essentially, people who find your website and stay on it, are voting in your favour and telling Google that they are satisfied with what they found. This probably leads to Google believing that you are more relevant to the search query that the person found you through, thus bumping you up in the rankings for those keywords.

There’s a lot more to it that that, but these are the main topics of change that we have noticed in 2017 and heading in 2018, you should be mindful of them.

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